Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I think this is an amazing camera for a refurbished price of 125 dollars. Note the sharpness and color quality of these pics. Would you believe the 720P video looks the same and includes stereo sound at that. The color quality looks spot on as close to what the eye sees.

Saturday, April 2, 2011



Rather then using a class 2 card in the ZD710, I tried a class 6 unit. I got the best pictures and videos that I ever took with this camera. In fact, the class 2 card was inadequate for videos with this unit since I experienced freeze ups with a class 2 card. Not with the class 6.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I went to youtube to examine some videos posted on this camera. It is nice when somebody indicates the resolution they used for their videos because the specs say the hdmi output is for 480P,720P, and 1080P. That may mean to me that the camera can take videos in those three formats. Some post videos without any indication of the resolution they used; others do. I saw some 1080P and 720P downloads. YOu would want to use the 1080P for videos which looked quite good on the "tube". Because I have very tiny speakers built into my kds monitor, I really cannot determine stereo imaging and sound quality. So I download the videos and burn them to a dvd-r and play them thru my high def tv and a headphone amplifier. As of this date, the sound quality was best from the Nikon P8000,Fuji HS10, and the Canon Sx130. So I have to burn a disc on this model,a Nikon P500 and a host of other cameras whose videos I downloaded.

As far as the stills go on this site, they looked allright.

Once upon a time there were only 8mm and super 8mm film cameras that used kodachrome. There was no sound although Fairchild Instruments in the 1960s made a prototype 8mm camera that recorded sound optically but never came to market.
Then came the vhs portable vcr that offered mono,linear stereo and vhs hi-fi stereo sound that could be recorded on videotape and for the first time we had some sound to talk about.

Then these digital cameras arrived first given some feeble video quality but recorded sound. Now we are up to portable high def video recording in the field with stereo sound.

A friend of mine bought a dvd camcorder by Sony that recorded 5.1 dolby digital. The sound(not the video) was as good in separation and audio quality as any dvd movie you could buy. On top of that, the mike recorded center back surround imaging which in essence was like Dolby Digital EX.

I have always thought and have been through since I was a child born in 1946 that the electronics/optical consumer use devices have and still do give the best value for the hard earned buck. A 10 inch RCA black and white set was $400 in 1950. Look what 400 dollars buys today. Some change.

Friday, March 11, 2011


This is a photoshoot of my nurse,Ms.M. The first few pics his her profile; the rest shows her preparing and treating my lymphedemic right leg. She is a wonderful gal.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The gorgeous nurse that takes care of me and my leg.

Friday, December 10, 2010




The Panasonic dmc-ls85 is a very nice camera that can take widescreen pics and videos. The pics look very natural in color though I think I used standard for these. I am going to try natural. I think vivid is too much on this camera. I was pleased with the videos though they are somewhat visually noiser than the dmc-ls80 but the sound quality goes to 15,000 hz and as such the mono audio is quite good. Note the pics of the tree on the lawn, both wideangle and telephoto as to how well you can see the detail of the tree's bark even backlighted

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Although I never owned one, the Yashica Electro 40E took the best movies of any camera that I ever saw including regular 8mm cameras with their fancy D-mount lenses from all over the world. Objects miles away could be seen on your wall projected with this camera. No bouncing, weaving or registration occurred with this camera. Exposures were flickerless and precise; the unit had a servo electric eye. I never got to own one of these though. A few others that were intesting and not pictured were the Super 8mm units made by Bolex,Braun Nizo and Beailiu.

Only the Fairchild company in the 1960s was thinking about adding sound in a movie camera with an optical track, but never released a selling model; just made a prototype. Bell and Howell had the "Filmosound" using a cassette recorder synched with a camera which a friend of mine used. I did have the camera; a super 8mm model; the first one was defective in its shutter, the second ok, but the first one took better color movies then the second showing poor quality control.

Today however we have point and shoot cameras, some coming along with stereo sound at the prices my parents paid for a revere 8mm magazine camera or the likes. I have gotten splendid widescreen videos on some Panasonic units that I own with great mono sound quality though my specialty is ususally stereo for that opens the door to matrix surround sound when you shoot in stereo(dependent on the design and polar field of one's microphone in the camera). I really could have used this stuff in the 1960s.