Saturday, December 6, 2008


I really enjoyed shooting with the ZD710. I also in general like the pictures that came out as well. I feel a "bigness" in these pictures which can be attributed to the Schneider lens and the pickup used in this camera. I do not feel this sense in my pictures on the other cameras that I own. I might add that the videos I shot that day with this camera came out looking as good as the pictures. The only problem with the videos are transferring them onto a dvd since they use Quicktime. Roxio Media 8 does recognize this codec but gives me some freezes and audio loss.
I had to touch up the Iquana pictures due to exposure problems from zooming. I did have to crop on some others but did not have to sharpen or do any other adjustments in adobe photo other than size down to get them uploaded onto the blog. Just CLICK over the picture to see the enlargement.


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