Monday, January 5, 2009


All I can say about the V803 is that the earth could have exploded by the time the shutter goes off in this camera to take the shot. I was not too impressed using this camera on this field trip. I only took stills because as a video camera it takes rotten videos which is too bad since the color quality of the videos is downright superb but the images are downright awful.


Lily Hydrangea said...

I think your pics look pretty neat.
& to answer your question re Willis Avenue, it actually intersects at Hillside at some point. Are you from LI?

kelsci said...

Yes, I am orginally from the bronx but mostly from Queens Village. I lived on Hillside Avenue from 1952 till 1969 across the street from Martin Van Buren High school. I also did a lot of fishing around Long Island in the late 50s thru 1969. One of my blogs show some of those fish caught. I use to shoot alot of 8mm and Super 8mm film during the 1960s as well as 620 roll film and 35mm film as well.